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Many Choices, One Solution
(314) 961-7400
Many Choices, One Solution
(314) 961-7400
Are you looking for competitive and reliable manufacturing and sourcing services? If so, The ECM Group is the single-source solution you can count on and trust! 

Founded in 2002, The ECM Group is positioned to provide clients with competitively priced production and sourcing services for circuit boards, rigid-flex and flexible PCBs, cable assemblies, metals, batteries, liquid-crystal displays (LCDs)/liquid-crystal modules (LCMs), and plastics. A combination of manufacturing sourced in Mainland China and Taiwan, and a global sales presence in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Southeast Asia allows The ECM Group to provide its customers with manufacturing and support services 365 days per year and 24 hours a day. Our products are at work in commercial and high-grade computers, communication systems, avionics, automobiles, autonomous driving systems, white goods, industrial controls, and medical equipment all around the world.   
What is unique about The ECM Group is its ability to foster the growth of your product, from prototypes, limited runs, and quick turn all the way to full-scale, high-volume production. Depending on your requirements, we offer both low-volume and high-mix as well as very high-volume manufacturers. In addition to factoring direct shipments from Asia, The ECM Group’s warehouse in St. Louis, Missouri, gives us the ability to acts as a distributor by providing services including purchasing, inventory management, and shipping of finished goods in quantities that meet our customers' real-time manufacturing schedules.
The ECM Group in Southeast Asia has expended considerable resources, independently auditing our manufacturing partners. We have 100% confidence in the manufacturing capabilities and financial stability of our Principals. We work with a broad variety of components and technologies to offer you maximum flexibility in your finished product.   
Please contact us to discuss how The ECM Group can augment your current supply base and positively impact the total cost of your business operations.


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